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Saturday, October 15

The "Light" Side of Italian

Ok...Who out here LOVES Italian??  I know I do, and it's a favorite in our house all the way around.  However, there are times when it just seems like overkill.  It's inevitably a heavy meal, whether you're talking about spaghetti & meat sauce, lasagna, tends to be a gut buster, no doubt about it.  The primary reason for that is the sauces themselves.  The majority are based on either tomato paste or cheese/cream.  Both can have a rather filling quality, to be sure.

Thursday, September 29

Time To Visit a "Gnudi" Bar!!

I love Italian food.  Especially's one of those foods that, even though it has a rather odd name, it's REALLY tasty.  However, while most people who do alot of cooking have heard of gnocchi (a small, light, airy dumpling made from potatoes), not many know how to make them.  I'm lousy at it...I end up over-kneading the dough, and end up with hard little lumps that aren't remotely edible.  So, for now...I'll leave that one to professional chefs to cook up.

Did you know, however, that gnocchi has a sister?  I didn't for the longest time, but it's called gnudi (pronounced nu-dee).  Gnudi are a bit different from gnocchi...they are made most often from ricotta cheese.  You still end up with this light, airy dumpling, but the flavor is to DIE for!!  The best description I can give is they resemble a cheese ravioli...WITHOUT the outside casing!!  That's right...all stuffing, no pasta.  Just the flavors that make ravioli so distinctive.  So, today, I made a HUGE batch of gnudi (I'm talking enough to freeze the extras for at least 3 more dinners).  The biggest surprise?  I made ALL this in about an hour total!!  What more can a person ask for in planning ahead?

Saturday, September 3

Lasagna, Anyone?

Well, the memories are fading, and I think it's high time I did something with this blog.  Thank you all for your patience.  And I promise you...THIS post will be worth every second of the waiting!!

There is nothing on earth quite like an authentic homemade Italian Lasagna.  NOTHING!!  Sure, you can go to the store, buy a frozen one...there's plenty to choose from out there...but to spend the time (and yeah, it's time consuming) making one from scratch allows you to show not only your cooking skills, but also just how much your family means to you!! offense to Stouffers, Marie Callenders, or any of the other brands out just tastes infinitely BETTER!!  It's fresher, you can customize the ingredients to what you like, and the end result will get scarfed down faster than you can imagine!!