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Thursday, September 30

I Gotta Share!!

While this isn't a recipe in itself, I wanted to take a moment to share with you all what I did this evening.  After having posted the recipe for white bread this morning, I'd been thinking about making some bread all day (actually got me drooling, just thinking about it!!).  Yup...I got FROGGY!!

I didn't make just the white bread, tho.  I decided to go for it, and I made my all time FAVORITE bread...Challah.  Now, for those who've not heard of it before, Challah is an egg bread that's braided, typically found in the Jewish culture.  Challah has been made for centuries, and is still found in most bread bakeries.

Enough chitchat.  The first picture I'm putting up is the bread just before's been braided, formed, and has an egg wash on top, which will give it a glistening golden brown color.  See for yourself...
What you are seeing is 2 loaves of bread, each made of 3 braids (so each loaf actually has 9 pieces of dough).  Two braids are laid side by side, and a third is laid over the center top.

The end result?  I'll let you all be the's a shot...

Yes, it IS just as tasty as it looks, too!!  I finished baking this about 7:45 this evening, and it's now 9pm, and half of one loaf is already demolished.  It's light, fluffy, and buttery in taste.  And yes, I WILL post the recipe for making it, probably in a couple of days.

Folks, this is what I love doing.  I adore seeing the end result of making something with my bare hands that can enjoyed so easily.  You can do it, too, I just takes a little elbow grease, a recipe, and some inspiration!!


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Anonymous said...

I usually don't post comments but I HAD to on this one! Karen outdid herself with this bread... it was soooooo good... melt in your mouth!