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Monday, September 20


I started this blog with the idea that people would really want to learn more about's culture, it's preparation, and it's enjoyment.  Food plays such an integral part in our every day lives, after's simply something that none of us can live without.  Sure...I know...there are 1000's of blogs on food out there, so it's not exactly a stand-out idea.  Still, despite having only been at it for 2 weeks, I have gathered a few followers, which makes me feel pretty good!!

What HAS surprised me is the fact that I don't get many comments when I post.  Having read other blogs that allow commenting, I really thought that perhaps the comments section would help guide this blog to become what YOU want it to be.  Subject needs...just general banter...ANYTHING you want to hear or say will help make this blog better for YOU!!  Even negative comments help, because they will assist in making this blog what it's supposed to be.  Just remember...bad language WILL be removed, but anything else goes.

So, today I have a challenge for you all.  I have 3 things I want ALL my readers to do.

NUMBER 1 - I want you to use this post as a SUGGESTION BOX, so to speak.  Using the comments section at the bottom, PLEASE send me your ideas on how this blog should develop.  Are there techniques you wish to learn about?  Perhaps a recipe or 2 you'd like to see addressed? Just want to put your 2cents in?  Doesn't matter...I just want to HEAR FROM YOU!!!

NUMBER 2 - Post my blog to your friends.  Whether you use Facebook, email, a messenger me get it out there!!  Not only would it be nice to have more readers, this will help us all in the long run.  Why?  Because I want THEIR feedback as well!!  Encourage them to read over some of the posts I've made and say what they think!!  Good or bad, this is important to the growth of this blog.

NUMBER 3 - Finally, for the ones who've been reading this, please click on the "Follow This Blog" box at the lower right of the main page.  This helps in many ways...besides allowing me to know how many people are regular readers, the more readers showing, the more the blog gets propagated on the web, which helps find more readers.  That in turn gets it out to even more, and...well, you get the idea!!

You have your challenge...ENJOY!!!


Joanne said...

I will be the first to comment! :)

I am enjoying reading.. I don't always have time to comment tho. I will try and comment more!
Blogging is so fun! I love comments on my blog too, so I get where you are coming from. Sometimes I am surprised at how many people "stalk" my blog, since there are few comments. I am sure the same is true here!

Keep up the good work!

Joanne said...

ok.. another comment.. if you fix the way you have people leave comments.. meaning, they get the comment box AND the security word, all in one screen, it would be better.
Because you leave a comment, press post comment and move on... not realizing, there is another step.. teh security word.. there are choices inside blogger that let you make it one step.. maybe some people think they are leaving comments, but it doesnt' totally go through???