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Friday, September 3

Welcome to my new diggins'!!!

For those who don't know me, welcome. For those who do, welcome back!!

I've toyed with this idea for a while, but have always felt a tad silly about it...I mean, who would really follow a blog written by me?  Well, after alot of consideration...I finally decided that I would take the plunge.  Yup...gonna jump right in, feet first, and see how this works.


This isn't going to be just trivialities about my day to day life.  Sorry, but that's just life ain't that special.  No, this is going to be about something that I enjoy, something I do fairly well, and something that (with VERY rare exception) should benefit anyone who reads it. 

What could that be, you ask? 

This blog is going to be about FOOD.  Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, and it's one that I've been told I'm reasonably good at.  Obviously, most of you have already perfected your cooking abilities to whatever degree your happy're still alive to read this, aren't you?  However, I've discovered something over the last few years...being happy with an ability, and refining that ability so that it's TRULY enjoyable, are 2 completely different things!!

So, for those who like to cook (and those who wish they could), this blog will carry you through to a new possibility...that of being the gourmet cook you always WANTED to be, but didn't know HOW to be.  It will cover recipes, techniques, and other whatnots to help you learn what I've learned over my life.  What's the best pot to use?  What's the difference between searing and braising?  A lot of the fancy cooking shows don't explain those things, but this will.  What's a simple recipe that can be made in 30 minutes and still feed a family of 4 well?  That's another.

So, stay tuned, enjoy the blog, and please...leave me messages.  If you don't understand something, or don't agree, I need to know, so that this blog grows and succeeds.  With that in mind......ENJOY!!!

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Steve said...

Hi Karen.. I actually found your blog after reading your post on about the Red, Hot and Blue potato salad. I'm making that tomorrow as a side dish, and was curious what other recipes you had. I love your blog! You seem to have the same tastes as my family, so I'm excited to try more of your stuff.. plus I'm equally as excited about cooking as you seem to come across in your writings, I just love to cook! Glad to meet a like-kind.. Thanks much -- steve