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Friday, October 29

Off The Wall...for 35 YEARS!!

Today isn't gonna be about's going to be about a "right of passage", so to speak.  I would imagine that most of my readers have already had SOME interaction with today's subject.  After's been around now for 35 years, and has become something of a legend to many.  Today, we're going to address something that is probably the MOST fun you can have in public...going to a LIVE presentation of Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

Rocky Horror (or RHPS) came out in 1975.  At the time, it was...well, it was a FLOP!!  Considered FAR too risque' for most, it didn't get much play time, and was removed from most theaters within 3 weeks of it's opening.  It really wasn't until 1976, when it was put back into theaters as a "Midnight Movie", that it started gathering it's popularity. 

It wasn't because it was a more "mature" was due to one small accident that changed EVERYTHING.  That accident?  Someone (rumor says it first happened in New York City, but there's no proof) YELLED a reply to the dialogue back at the screen.  The local audience erupted in laughter, and a seed was planted...a seed that grew exponentially to become one of the most beloved cult icons of today.

I freely admit it...RHPS, in and of itself, is a ROTTEN movie.  Watching it at home (TV, DVD, VHS, whatever) usually is grating, because it really IS a badly acted movie.  However, take that same bad movie, put it on a movie screen with a few hundred fans doing their part, and it suddenly takes on a new life.  It's the audience partici-(SAY IT)-pation that makes the movie what it is.  The props...the costumes fans wear...the added all adds up to a phenomenom that simply shouldn't be, but is, deliciously fun.

I'm going tonight, along with my 2 roommates and a friend (hubby won't make it home from the road).  There's a professional troupe putting on a showing at the famous Alabama Theater in Birmingham, complete with pre-show party.  None of us are dressing's gonna be too cold for that...but we will certainly be carrying our share of props (noise makers, newspaper, lighters, confetti, bells, etc).  Of course, we also have 2 of our group who have NEVER seen it live...which means they're VIRGINS (seeing it on TV, etc does NOT count), and opens up a PLETHORA of possibilities (virgins are always treated special at live shows)!!  So yeah, we're excited!!

For those who haven't had the priviledge of experiencing RHPS Live, I highly encourage you to contact your local theaters to see if anyone is going to be showing it this weekend.  Yes, the show itself is risque', but that's not what's important...what makes it fun is the fun EVERYONE has making FUN OF IT!!  For those who HAVE seen it, support your local theater and go again.  It's the 35th anniversary of the film, so it's going to be extra special!!

I won't give away any other details here, folks.  It wouldn't be fair, and besides, why ruin it for those who decide after reading this to try it out?  I will, however, extend one caveat...for those with kids, this is NOT a movie I'd take someone under 13-14 years old to.  There's no horror in RHPS, but it definitely stretches the boundaries of good taste in some ways, and younger kids just wouldn't understand.'s raunchy at times. has ALOT of sexual innuendo.  So yeah...keep it within reason when it comes to the kids.

I'll leave you with that, folks.  It's close to time for us to start getting ready (it's an hour drive just to get there for us), so I have to scoot.  For those who go...


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