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Wednesday, October 13

Viva' CHILE!!!

Today's post isn't going to be about's going to be about finding and knowing what's important in life.

At 12:11am local time, the first of the 33 trapped miners in Chile arrived at the surface of the earth, after having spent 69 days almost 1/2 mile underground.  I watched the feed on my computer, as I'm sure countless others did.  It was was was humbling.  These men have surmounted nearly impossible odds.  From the day it happened (August 5th), they have proven that the human spirit can and will overcome anything it's presented with.  That ANYTHING is possible!!

Let's just talk about one of their accomplishments for a moment.  When the cave-in initially occured, they spent their first 17 days trapped in a small room in a shaft, not knowing what was happening on the outside.  These 33 men survived all that time on 48 hours worth of rations...2 days worth of food, divided between 33 grown men over 17 days.  Which of you would have remained calm?  Which of you would have been able to sustain any hope? 

The fact is....FEW can match their courage, their compassion, and their strength.  VERY FEW!!  In today's society of instant gratification, most of us would have crumbled under that kind of intense pressure, and bedlam would have ensued.  There would have been fighting over food, possibly bloodshed.  I hate to think that we, as a species, would have resorted to such violence, but reality is what it is.  Our baser instincts would have taken over, and the results would not have been pretty. 

Do I like taking that view of the way things are?  No, I don't.  I would very much prefer to believe that ALL of us could rise above such petty notions.  I would love to see our world resemble what these men have managed.  Unity, brotherhood, putting others before ourselves...what a wonderful world we would live in!!  However, we can't live wearing rose-colored glasses, can we?

These men...these ordinary, average men...are what heros are made of.  THEY are what we should ALL aspire to be.  They are what our kids should look up to.  Not athletes...not rock stars...not businessmen.  Simple men with one simple care for each other, to protect each other, and to honor each other.

I am humbled by these men.  Each one of them is where I could only wish to be with my growth as a human being.  I can only speak for myself, of course.  I have no way of knowing what anyone else feels.

When all is said and done...when the last man is once again standing above ground...when the media has faded, and they have returned to a semblance of normalcy in their lives...they will STILL remain the epitome of what we should strive for.  At least for me...only you can decide what your future will hold.

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Cosmetics Aficionado said...

I have been tearfully watching this unfold. The solidarity among these men is absolutely inspiring.