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Thursday, November 18

Thanksgiving Q & A Session

Hey Everyone!!  I wanted to check in on you all, cause I know things are winding up for us all to get hopping for the holidays!!  If you are like me, you tend to let certain things slide when you are focused on preparations (hence my missing the last couple of days on here).  Rather than overload you with more recipes over the next week, I thought it would be nice to simply offer help.  Therefore, today I wanted to open a Q & A session for any last minute questions you might have for your Thanksgiving day meal.

Do you need to know what you can substitute for a specific ingredient, and achieve the same results?  Are you unsure what baking times and temps to use for particular dishes, so everything comes out at one time and is done?  Are you simply doing your first Thanksgiving, and need encouragement?  Anything you need information on, I can help.  Simply post it on here in comments or send me an email direct (  I am virtually always here, and can have your answer within a few hours, maximum.  On Thanksgiving day, I'll be on here ALL morning, too!!

Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday next week.  ENJOY!!! 


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