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Saturday, September 11

Remembering 9/11...And Growing From It, Too...

Today, let's skip talking about food.

Today, we mark the 9th anniversary of the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers.  It's a rough thing to think about, even for those who may have been too young at the time to understand what was happening.  For those of us who were capable of comprehension, the horrors of that day are indelibly etched into our minds.  Were you work...on the school?  Did you, like me, think you must be losing your mind; that this couldn't POSSIBLY be happening? 

Friday, September 10

Gone Fishing...Takes On A WHOLE New Meaning...

We have a boat.  I think.  It's blue, about 14 feet long, and just watertight enough to handle 2 people.  It even has an engine...and can actually reach about 5 mph on a good run.  But...hubby says it's a boat, and he loves going fishing in it every chance he gets.

Well, dear hubby got home off the road last night (or should I say this morning) at 1am, and after a little chitchat, we decided we were going fishing.  Right then.  As in "the worms and birds are still sleeping, but we're gonna drag our butts out onto the river in hopes that somewhere, the fish are feeling a might feisty" time of the day.  Well, off we went...we actually were on the water before 5am (it does take a little time to get everything set up so that we can go out without sinking the boat from overload).

Thursday, September 9

Appliances, Gadgets, and Whatnots...Oh My!!

I was standing in my kitchen last night, looking at all the appliances I have acquired over the years, and a thought occured to me...I have no counter space left!!  It's not that I don't use what I have, because I do.  Regularly.  It's just that, when you have limited space, you have to a wee bit more selective over what you own than I have been, apparently.

I have a can opener, food processor, mixer, coffee pot, vacumn sealer, blender, and convection oven...ALL on the countertop.  That's not all the small appliances I have, though...I still haven't mentioned the sandwich maker, the electric skillet, or the veggie steamer, which are stored underneath.  That's ALOT of appliances for your typical kitchen.  So, which are the ones you can't live without?  Well, today, let's talk about that!! 

Wednesday, September 8

Cookware ABC's

I thought I would make this post something that would be simple, so let's get to the REAL basics of cooking...COOKWARE!!  After all, without it, how are you going to cook?  There are several styles, sizes, and materials to choose from...some are cost friendly, some are not. 

I'm going to cover the pros and cons of your more commonly found pots, pans, bakeware, and utensils in this post, so without further ado, here we go!! 

Tuesday, September 7

The Incredible, Edible Egg (wasn't that a commercial jingle)?

We have chickens.  15 of them, to be exact (was 16, but one was really mean, so we chose a "better" use for her time).  All laying hens, we currently are owned by 4 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Light Brahmas, 2 Gold-Laced Wyandottes, and 5 Jersey Giants.  I was raised a city gal (Jacksonville, FL), so I'd never had any real experience raising chickens, but we live in the country now (NE Alabama), and thought "What fun it would be to have some chickens around"...HAHAHA.

Well, they've grown up, and recently, they've started earning their keep...laying eggs.  That got me to did the everyday egg become the culinary necessity that it is today?  So, without further ado, we now delve into the world of the one, the only...EGG!!

How ya doing, Mac...can ya spare some Cheese?

Today, due to a request from my hubby, I am going to go over what is probably one of the most popular side dishes today...Mac & Cheese.  Why is it so it the cheese, the pasta, or the ease of preparation that makes it stand out in today's culture?  I would have to say all 3 play key factors.

Mac & Cheese is usually most kid's favorite side dish (most adults, too).  I have yet to meet a child that doesn't love it...of course, I don't get out much (haha).  It's a versatile choice, can serve it plain, fancy it up into a one dish supper, or you can make it gourmet...the possibilities are almost as endless as your imagination!! 

Monday, September 6

Cook-Out Time!!!

Hey again, everyone!!  Today is Labor Day...time for the family to come together, and enjoy that cookout you've been wanting to do!!  I checked the weather, and it's pretty much going to be absolutely gorgeous for everyone in the US today (well, with the exception of North and South Dakota...sorry guys)!!!  Oh, and here's something quick...a little program I use just for weather...and it's cost AND bug free!!  Offered by the Weather Channel, it puts the weather right on your desktop:

But, let's get back to business...COOK OUTS!!  

Sunday, September 5

A Break for LAUGHTER!!!

Now, while this post isn't about food in the traditional sense, it's most definitely on the right track!!  I have 2 roommates...Traci and Kelley (world's GREATEST friends, I might add), and today Traci found this link on YouTube.  She shared it with us...and now that I've stopped laughing, I'm sharing it with you all.

The comedienne here is Jeanne Robertson.  It's just solid clean humor...the kind we all should find more of!!  ENJOY!!!

Serenading the Marinade!!

Ah, the some, it's the do-all, be-all of cooking, to others, it's their nemesis.  Yet, would you believe that marinades have been around for centuries?  The use of herbs and vinegars to soften tough cuts of meat into something truly scrumptious has allowed us to create some bonafide culinary masterpieces. 

Today, a marinade can be simple or complex.  Each one adds a special touch...but which is right for each meat?  Do you want it to tenderize and flavor thoroughly?  These are the questions we'll address today, so let's get started!!