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Saturday, September 25

My Best Spud!!

I love spuds...or potatoes...or taters...or any OTHER name you give 'em!!  Potatoes have to be the most versatile vegetable ever discovered, not only in name, but in culinary usage.  They can be a main dish, side dish...even dessert (ever hear of potato candy?). Definitely tops the YUMMY list!! 

Yes, the whole world loves potatoes.  Did you know that, on average, each of us consumes 73 lbs of potatoes EACH year?  I'm talking world-wide!!  Yet, for all it's popularity, it's relatively new on the culinary front.  Potatoes came from Peru about 4 centuries ago (they were cultivated there for centuries before that), and yet since then, they have been cultivated into over 5000 varieties (9 known species)!!  I'd say that's not too shabby for a little nub growing in the ground!!  What's really surprising is, considering their popularity here in the US, we didn't get them direct from South America...they came to us via Europe!! In fact, the Irish loved them so much that they were used as currency!! 

Friday, September 24

You CAN Can-Can - The Art of Canning/Preserving

I do alot of canning and preserving.  Salsa, jelly, jams, veggies...not only is it a great way to keep the summer freshness from fruits and me, it's another way to show your family how much you love them.  Silly, I know, but it's really nice when a family member cracks open a new jar of preserves or salsa, and remarks on the fact that it still tastes like it was JUST made.  I can remember my grandmother doing this when I was a child, so it's homey feeling, too!!

Sure, canning can be work.  Since there's also 2 different ways to can (pressure canning and water bath), it can be a little complicated, as well.  It's also an investment, because you need certain tools to do it, and those tools aren't always cheap.  But...what I've paid out has been returned 10-fold, so I wouldn't change a thing.  I've made some mistakes, too...which is why I'm doing today's blog.  If I can save one person the headaches I went through when learning, that in itself makes it ALL worthwhile!! 

Thursday, September 23

Hail to the Almighty Meatloaf!!

Ok, laugh it up, people.  I know the title is goofy. can stop laughing now.  I'm being serious.  Meatloaf is actually good.  I hear you scoffing, but it really is.  It's also a very versatile's another of those meals that's only limited by your own imagination.  I hear you laughing again, people...give me a chance to explain, ok?

Meatloaf is one of the "comfort" foods.  It's easy to prepare, and just screams family!!  But, it CAN get a tad boring, right?  I can assure you...if you get bored with your meatloaf, it's really easy to fix.  Like I said, just use your creative skills, and you'll never see meatloaf the same way again. 

Wednesday, September 22

Uh Oh...I Gots In Twouble!!

Yup, folks...I gots myself in a heap o' trouble.  Big time.  As in "all this time you've been doing a blog and not one peep about..." trouble.  Time to make amends.  I've told you about my roomie, Traci.  She's like a sister to me!!  Well, one of her favorite things on earth is homemade Chicken Pot Pie, and I try to make that for her fairly often.  I knew she periodically reads my blog, but she's been pretty mum on what she'd like to see covered.  Well, until last night, that is...haha!  So here's to you, Traci...I love you!!

Chicken pot pie is one of the all time comfort foods.  It's reminiscent of Sunday afternoon dinners with family.  Surprisingly, it's relatively easy to make, too.  You only need one medium saucepot and a 9 inch pie plate, so cleanup is a cinch.  It's also very forgiving, because you can put almost anything in it and have it still come out scrumptious!!  All year around, it's a simple way to tell your family how much you love them. 

Tuesday, September 21

Dem Beans, Dem Beans, Dem Dry Beans...

Yesterday, I got pulled into a discussion with some friends about beans.  How to cook them, how to season they can affect you (haha...thanks for the laughs, guys!!).  What surprises me is that there are people out there who honestly don't know how to cook and use dry beans (no, not the ones I was talking with...others).

With the cooler weather fast approaching, I would be lacking if I didn't address this for those who need the info.  After all, what's better on a cold day than a hot bowl of tasty pinto beans and cornbread?  Maybe a pot of chili done the old fashioned way, but not much else.  Therefore, today...we talk BEANS!! 

Monday, September 20


I started this blog with the idea that people would really want to learn more about's culture, it's preparation, and it's enjoyment.  Food plays such an integral part in our every day lives, after's simply something that none of us can live without.  Sure...I know...there are 1000's of blogs on food out there, so it's not exactly a stand-out idea.  Still, despite having only been at it for 2 weeks, I have gathered a few followers, which makes me feel pretty good!!

What HAS surprised me is the fact that I don't get many comments when I post.  Having read other blogs that allow commenting, I really thought that perhaps the comments section would help guide this blog to become what YOU want it to be.  Subject needs...just general banter...ANYTHING you want to hear or say will help make this blog better for YOU!!  Even negative comments help, because they will assist in making this blog what it's supposed to be.  Just remember...bad language WILL be removed, but anything else goes.

Sunday, September 19

Fish...A Singular Sensation!!

Hubby and I went fishing again today...didn't catch anything worth keeping, but it did make me start to want some to eat.  I'm not talking about hitting Long John Silvers or Cap'n D's either...I would rather hit the local seafood market, and cook it fresh!  Alas...we really don't HAVE a local seafood market where I live (Alabama boonies), so I have to make do with the seafood section at Walmart.  Limited choices, but better than nothing, because fish really IS one of the best gifts you can give your body!! 

Rich in Omega3 fatty acids (especially saltwater varieties), it's extremely heart healthy...studies have proven that consumption of fish at least 2 times each week SIGNIFICANTLY reduces development of cardiovascular illnesses.  That alone should be enough to convince you to eat more of it.  However, the most common reason given for not eating your fair share of it isn't's taste.  Most people simply say they don't like the flavor (or smell).  Well, today is your lucky day!!  With little effort, and even with limited choices, I bet I can change your mind.